The Daily Planner

Starting the day with a plan is an essential part of any Nourished One’s morning ritual.

Taking a brief moment when you wake up to set intentions by practicing gratitude and affirmations is a proven method to kickstart your day with positivity.

Using “The Daily Planner” will allow you to become more aware of your daily habits, track your progress, and develop a simple, healthy routine that will allow you to Show Up every day.

“The Daily Planner” incorporates journalling, goal-setting, wellness, and self-reflection that will allow you to make yourself a priority while remaining productive in all areas of your life.

My hope is that “The Daily Planner” will encourage you to create and maintain a healthy daily routine that translates into a happy, grounded, and positive mindset. Whether you meditate and eat a nourishing breakfast every day, OR you are just beginning your health and wellness journey, “The Daily Planner” is for you.

This PDF is interactive and can be edited with digital text and checkboxes. “The Daily Planner” may also be printed if you prefer to write on it by hand. If you decide to print this planner I invite you to laminate it so it can be used over and over again with a washable marker.

What’s Included:

  1. How the The Nourished Nook and “The Daily Planner” came to be
  2. Instructions on how to use the planner
  3. Example of a filled out planner
  4. Blank interactive PDF of “The Daily Planner”
  5. FREE additional health and wellness resources


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