The Daily Planner for Teens!

Starting the day with a plan is an essential part of any teenager’s day. Teens thrive off of routine because it prepares them for what’s coming up next in their day, which makes them feel calm and provides them with opportunities to learn.

Taking a brief moment when adolescents wake up to set intentions by practicing gratitude and affirmations is a proven method to foster a growth mindset and positivity in teens.

“The Daily Planner for Teens” will allow them to create a simple and flexible daily schedule in order to stay as self-directed and as self-motivated as possible, all while allowing them to focus on growth and the good things in life.

Using “The Daily Planner for Teens” will allow adolescents to feel strong, happy, and healthy. When teens feel mentally, physically, and emotionally at ease they are willing to take responsible risks in their learning, are able to navigate their emotions, and are comfortable to share their gifts with the world.

It is my hope is that “The Daily Planner for Teens” will encourage your growing students and children to structure their day for success and to reflect upon next steps during their time in self-isolation and while logging onto Virtual Learning platforms.

This PDF is interactive. It can be edited with digital text and checkboxes. “The Daily Planner for Teens” may also be printed if you prefer to write on it by hand. If you decide to print this planner I invite you to laminate it so it can be used over and over again with a washable marker.

What’s Included:

  1. How “The Daily Planner for Teens” came to be, a letter from me to you
  2. Instructions on how to use the planner
  3. Example of a filled out planner
  4. 3 interactive PDF pages of “The Daily Planner for Teens” 1 page with suggestions for how to structure the day, 1 page with suggestions on how to schedule time for the day, and 1 page that is completely blank and editable.

Click herE to access “The Daily Planner for Teens” for FREE!

I am always looking for feedback so feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment below or by  CLICKING HERE so I can upload new tools and resources that will interest and serve you best.

Yours in nourishment,


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