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My Health, Wellness, and Self-Discovery Journey, my E-Book, and more!

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

My name is Rachele, pronounced “ra-kel-eh”.

I am so excited to share healthy recipes, wellness tips, and inspirations that nourish your mind, body, and soul.

I grew up in a suburb just outside of Toronto. As a child I was fasinated with the outdoors and pulling worms out of my dad’s vegetable garden. As a grew up, I always said I would be a doctor AND a dentist… I did not realize that this was not really possible at the time lol.

I eventually became a teacher. I have taught in both the elementary and secondary panel and have taught subjects such as French, English, Math, Science, Geography, History, and the list goes on…

I love languages, I love travelling, and I love baking and cooking. I use ingredients and experiences from my travels in the kitchen and it gives me life.

But as I entered the workforce, I became obsessed with my career as a teacher that I lost sight of these things I loved. I would arrive at school an hour or more before my students did and I would stay until the sun went down; sometimes even until 9:00 pm.

As I started making an income and getting into the groove of my career I became stagnant and accepted that this is what life was going to be like for me. I started to accept that this stress of long work days and taking work home was normal…

I came to realize, with the help of colleagues, family, and friends, that this shouldn’t be the case. It was hard to accept, and as a result I shut down. I became less motivated, less energized, and less healthy overall.

I could not sleep at night, I felt sluggish, I was always hungry (but I was eating a lot), and I was incredibly irritable. I began to lose sight of myself; the adventurous girl who experimented in the kitchen and explored the world.

I began to do a lot of research and I began to take advice from my then boyfriend and now fiancé to get back into a gym routine. That made me feel better. As a result, I started to read more about nutrition and I began to experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen. I especially loved conjuring up new sweet recipes using and testing various flours (almond, oat, and coconut) and oils (coconut, avocado, and olive).

All was going well until summer of 2018 when I hit a plateau in my exercise and nutrition routine and I again felt unmotivated.

So on August 1, 2018 I decided to start an Instagram page as a way to stay accountable on my health and wellness journey. I began connecting with a lot of like-minded people – nutritionists, personal trainers, health and wellness brands – which made me feel motivated again.

My IG account @thenourishedone, did help me stay true to my goals and helped me physically and mentally transform. I began practicing meditation (the Wim Hof Method), I started doing yoga again (Thank you Ellen @kindyogabyheart!), and I saw a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals (Thanks Claudia @lux_fit!). Having my mind clear and my body ready to tackle any obstacle that came my way I finally felt ready to fuel my soul.

Since I loved to experiment in the kitchen and my recipes seemed to be liked by others on my IG page I decided to create an E-Book with all of my favourite and healthy cookie recipes. I decided to call my first E-Book “The Smart Cookie E-Book” because of the simple recipes, natural ingredients, and healthy takes on traditional cookie recipes. Stay tuned for December 1 to receive my FREE Smart Cookie E-Book! These cookie recipes will bring you so much joy just in time for the holiday season. I hope you love these recipes as much as I have loved to create them and well… eat them! Stay tuned!

The next step towards fuelling my soul was to scratch that travel itch I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Two years ago I began saving for an adventure of a lifetime and finally on October 1 of this year I was able to leave home, leave my job, my the family, and my friends to embark on an extended to trip, a soul-searching vacation if you will, to unleash my purpose.

I have been travelling around South East Asia and will make my way to Australia and New Zealand at some point. My travels should last around 10 months, or longer… who knows what the future holds! I do not have a lot planned, but what I do plan to do is to let my soul be my guide, to trust the kindness of humans around the world, and to learn from nature and life experience.

I’m so excited to have this platform along with my other social media pages to share my travel experiences with you. I know there will be a lot to learn; a lot of it will we challenging and uncomfortable but hey, that’s how we learn and grow, right?

I would love to connect with you on this journey! Feel free to leave me a comment below. Do you have any questions? What do you want to see more or less of? Have you even embarked on a journey of self-discovery? Check out my Instagram Stories to accompany me on my adventures! See you abroad Nourished Ones!

With Gratitude,


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