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The Daily Planner for KIDS & Teens!

Happy Monday Nourished Ones!

I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter and Happy Passover for all of those celebrating!

Today Monday doesn’t feel like a Monday… it feels more special, doesn’t it?

I was weary about social distancing and self-isolating this Easter because I was fearful that it wouldn’t make Easter feel special… you know what I mean?

I was surprised when I realized that Easter did truly feel special. We kept family traditions alive by making lamb (an Easter staple in my family) and sharing the meal with our roommate. We spent 3 hours around the table together eating, sharing stories, showing each other pictures. We then messaged and called our families to wish them a Happy Easter. I am so grateful for technology now more than ever… aren’t you?

After spending this time together with our roommate and communicating with family and friends I realized that I cannot keep acting out of places of fear but I need to start acting more out of love. When we come from a place of love good things start to happen and more love and positivity goes out into the world.

As a way to focus on more of the good things in life and spread love rather than fear, I have developed 2 new resources. The Daily Planner for Kids and The Daily Planners for Teens. They are FREE interactive PDF documents that may help you, your children, your family, or friends navigate their days learning from home and self-isolating. Click the links below to access the resources. The Daily Planner for Teens will be available soon, so stay tuned!

Click on the photos below to access these FREE planners:

Click the photo to access the FREE planner!
Click the photo to access the FREE planner! Coming tomorrow!

If you are interested in purchasing the original planner for adults, The Daily Planner, click the photo below:

Click on the photo to access the planner.

As always, I am open to feedback so please connect with me by CLICKING HERE or leave a comment below. What do you want to see on The Nourished Nook? What other resources do you would you find helpful for me to create to interest and serve you best? Let me know!

Yours in nourishment,


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