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NEW Online Links Added to The Nourished Nook

Happy Wednesday Nourished Ones!

I can’t believe we are already half-way through this week… can you?

Days seem to be going by slowly and quickly at the same time; it’s something I can’t explain… do you feel the same way?

Today I have been spending the day mostly in bed with my leg elevated and with some ice and some compression. I have also been using home remedies and teas to help quicken the healing process of my foot/ankle injury that I shared with you yesterday.

I have been spending most of my day developing new content for The Nourished Nook and I have been spending time online consuming social media from some of my favourite and most inspirational IG accounts. I have shared them on the “Online Resources” section of The Nourished Nook. You can access it be clicking HERE.

The Online Resources section will always be changing, as it is a living space, so be sure to check it REGULARLY to access all the nourishing content!

I also released “The Daily Planner” this week. Click the photo below to get your copy!

I will also be releasing “The Daily Planner for Kids” in a couple of days. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a certified teacher and I have taught many grades and subject areas. From French Immersion (Healthy, Geography, History, Language, The Arts…) to Gr. 7 and 8 students to Math, English, and French to High School Students.. I have seen how trying times like the ones we’re in right now can affect children and adolescents. Kids thrive off of routine and off of schedules that make them feel strong, happy, and healthy. Without these three pillars, they are unable to learn.

I have been thinking a lot about my colleagues and former students at this time and I cannot imagine all of the challenges they are currently facing with Distance Education and Distance Learning. So much loss, change, and grief is happening all at once and I felt compelled to create something to support our growing children. “The Daily Planner for Kids” will be a FREE resource to help your children navigate their days in self-isolation and while Distance Learning. Make sure to see my IG Stories to know the exact date and time I will release “The Daily Planner for Kids”. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak.

I can’t wait to share this amazing resource for kids! Until then, free to connect with me by CLICKING HERE or leave a comment below so I can upload new tools and resources that will interest and serve you best.

Yours in nourishment,


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