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NEW Apps added to The Nourished Nook and Why I Saw the Doctor Today…

Happy Tuesday Nourished Ones!

What a day, what a day…




As you have seen on my Instagram highlights, I have been quite accident-prone lately… from burns in the kitchen, to falls during my workout, to cutting myself with a razor… ouch… I’m kind of over this… I’m over the accidents, and I’m over this virus, and I’m over self-isolation.

Is anyone else over it too?!

Am I the only one who feels completely separated from my body?

Do you feel like you have lost control and that you keep getting into accidents?

If so, keep reading, if not…

Keep reading because you likely know someone who like me, is a klutz.

I’m beginning to think there’s some correlation between my accidents and my worries and fears regarding the collective situation we are dealing with.

I am currently writing this blog post from my bed, with my leg elevated and a bag full of ice on my foot/ankle because I just had another accident today… and this one was BAD.

Let me tell you the tale about my current injury.

Once Upon A Time…

I woke up at 5:30 am with SO MUCH energy and felt more like myself. I did a solid meditation and stretching routine as well as cooked a delicious, nourishing breakfast.

My Breakfast: 1/3 cup rolled oats made with water & cinnamon and topped with frozen bleubs, unsweetened coconut, cashews, & crunchy PB.
Are you team crunchy or team smooth?

Then, we made our way back to Brisbane on a couple of buses and stopped for lunch in this quaint town called Landsborough and picked up some delicious baked goods at the local bakery – Buck’s Bakery – YOU NEED EVERYTHING FROM HERE. As I hopped, skipped, and jumped out of the bakery to go sit at a picnic table to enjoy our lunch and baked goods I slid down a sidewalk and rolled my ankle… well it sort of folded on itself and I literally landed on the top of my foot.

OUCHHH…. is an understatement. I head cracking and popping and then I tripped a few times as to catch myself and not fall flat on my face… all I was thinking was “Not my face, not my face, not my nose, not my teeth, not my arm, not DEFFFF not my other leg! I’m NOT falling…again!” … and I didn’t.

This is after we bandaged it all up (thankful for our first aid kit) and nope that scab is from when I fell working out at the park).

Stefano ran straight back to the bakery, where an employee who gave us a large bag of ice (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!) and I iced Iced my foot/ankle while I called insurance, while we ate our desserts first before our actual lunch #priorities… I laughed a little (because of all the adrenaline and all the sugar too #myfoodfreedom) and I cried a little and I became angry too… basically all of the same mix of emotions I am experiencing in regards to #COVID19.

WOW! This day could not get any worse… or any better… WAIT… there’s more!

After we did our due-diligence, bandaged up my wound, nourished our bodies and souls with lunch and delicious baked desserts, and soaked up some sun while waiting for the train, we embarked on the next leg of our journey. And on the train we witnessed an arrest! Someone was smoking on the train, was yelling a lot at one of the employees, and well was yelling at everyone… nothing too scary or harmful, but eventful nonetheless…

Lunch was leftover “quiche”, chicken burgers, boiled egg, guac, and blueberries… I ate all the berries and 1/2 a burger because of all the dessert.

Today was an adventure. You know what kind of adventure I’m talking about? The ones with all the trials and tribulations. The ones with the good and the bad moments. The ones with setbacks and triumphs. The adventures like The Goonies, like Lord of the Rings, like The Princess BrideMy name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to dieeeee!); yeah I had to.

This is the most epic movie.

This adventure reminded me about the ups and downs of life, and that there’s always moments of good and bad in all of our days… just like the flow of a river. One of my meditation/breathing coaches and overall inspirations, Steve Beattie “Breathing in Nature” once said, “Sometimes rivers divide into many different channels. Sometimes we get to choose the channel, sometimes we have no choice.” I think this is so fitting for what’s been happening right now… not even with my accidents… but with the world. A river can cut through rock, not because it’s powerful, but because it’s constantly flowing. We too are now called to flow; to flow like a river. To accept this present moment, no matter how hard it is because we CAN do hard things.

Do I feel crappy? Yes.

Does this suck? Absolutely yes!

Am I sad, disappointed, nervous, fearful, and angry? HELL YEAHHH!

But I’d rather feel all these things than numb them or feel happy all the time. Why? Because when I sit with my pain or with my grief, like really sit with it, meditate on it, feel it in my muscles and bones (no pun intended), welcome it, observe it, I begin to become aware of it and it’s affects on me. I begin to feel where I hold it’s tension in my body. I begin to understand how and why it’s hurting me. I begin to know its presence and find out what it’s trying to teach me.

Pain taught me to live in the present moment. That doesn’t mean being grateful all the time, or happy all the time, or doing something “productive” all the time… it means being aware:

Being aware of the throbbing in my ankle/foot while enjoying the sweetness of a Lamington (if you know you know, if you don’t click here).

This is a Lamington. It is delicious. The end.

Being aware of my nervous, adrenaline filled tears while the sun warmly touches my skin.

Being aware of my anxiousness and fear while waiting to see a doctor, who was so patient and understanding.

After learning this, I also started to understand that there is a direct correlation between our feelings and our body’s response. Then I started to do some research about this mind/body connection, and I came across some interesting findings. “Like a fever warning of an infection, being accident-prone can be a symptom of deeper issues”, according to this article and accident expert Samantha Dunn, author of the book, Not by Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life. Mental states such as stress, depression and anxiety can make us more vulnerable to accidents. Dunn’s theory is echoed by many professionals in this field who have concluded that mental states such as stress and anxiety can make us more accident prone. These accidents can be minor (ex. burning ourselves while cooking or spilling almond mylk) or they can be major (ex. falling off a bench while working out or falling down the stairs).

Not By Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life by Samantha Dunn

All of these accidents have proven to me that my feelings regarding this pandemic (i.e. fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, worry, grief, sadness, loss… I could go on as I am sure you can too #collectivegrief) are affecting me. Even if I “seem” fine, even if you “seem” fine, even if everyone “seems” fine, and everyone “seems” to be carrying on with their day, getting through, doing all the things because we CAN do hard things. That DOESN’T mean we need to be “fine”.

You know what F.I.N.E. stands for? Freaked Out Neurotic and Emotional”.

The Italian Job

Yes this is a direct reference to the movie The Italian Job… Who’d you rather: Jason Statham or Mark Whalberg… Jason allll the way! lol

Jason. That is all.

Where were we? Oh yes!

DON’T settle for fine.

Settle for FEELING it all.

For being AWARE.




This is my intention moving forward. To be present and to flow like a river, to be persistent in my flowing, and to then be powerful enough to erode some rocks and boulders to uncover some true gems.

This realization compelled me to add more resources to The Nourished Nook. I realized I needed to use some tools at the disposal of my 3rd arm… my phone. I need to use my phone as a tool to be more present and avoid scrolling mindlessly. I have found some apps that I find will benefit me in my intentions. So CLICK HERE so I can share them with you.

The Online Resources section will always be changing, as it is a living space, so be sure to check it REGULARLY to access all the nourishing content!

I also released “The Daily Planner” yesterday. Click the photo below to get your copy!

I can’t wait to continue interacting with you here on The Nourished Nook. Until then, free to connect with me by CLICKING HERE or leave a comment below so I can upload new tools and resources that will interest and serve you best.

Yours in flowing,


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