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NEW IG Story Template added to The Nourished Nook

Happy Self-Care Sunday Nourished Ones!

But now does Sunday feel any different than all the other days in self-isolation?

For me… sort of. I’m still trying to keep a schedule Monday to Friday and use the weekends for more “fun” and “self-care” things, like sleeping in, having brunch, and binge watching movies/documentaries. I find that keeping a sort of weekday vs. weekend schedule has helped me keep my sanity during this time social distancing.

Reflecting upon my week I have so many emotions but the most powerful one right now has to be gratitude. I am grateful for all of YOU, your presence and your thoughtful messages. It always seems amazing to me how we can all come together in the most difficult of situations. It makes me so hopeful; hopeful for the future, hopeful that we will come out stronger, and hopeful that the world will be a happier place after all this has past and becomes a distant memory.

Today’s NEW IG Story Template focuses our attention on this concept of reflection and looking at 3 Amazing Things that happened in our ordinary day. To me, there is always something extraordinary that happens in our every day life, and it’s so important to acknowledge and practice gratitude for these seemingly mundane tasks/events or seemingly unordinary things.

CLICK HERE to access the NEW IG Story template.

The Nourished Nook will always be changing, as it is a living space, so be sure to check it REGULARLY to access all the nourishing content!

I will also be releasing “The Daily Planner” starting TOMORROW. Here’s a sneak peak to see what it’s all about:

This is the planner I developed and used to help me stay grounded and productive during this time in self-isolation. It incorporates wellness practices, selfcare, a morning routine, a to-do list, a hydration count, as well as a self-reflection area. It is the ultimate tool to help you Show Up every day. This PDF document is completely editable (fill in the text boxes and checkmark the check boxes) or can be printed and written on. I cannot wait to share this product with you very soon! Stay tuned!

Until then, free to connect with me by CLICKING HERE or leave a comment below so I can upload new tools and resources that will interest and serve you best.

Yours in nourishment,


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