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Grief and The Nourished Nook

Happy Thursday Nourished Ones …. errrr Happy Friday?! What day is it? I’ve lost count…

To be honest, I’ve been feeling the loss of a lot of things lately… are you?

This whole pandemic thing hit me hard yesterday…. it hit me hard like that humid, moist air on a hot, scorching summer’s day… it was suffocating, it was scary, and it was a lot more.

Suddenly this whole pandemic thing became REAL for me and I am grieving...

I call this grief, because I am experiencing a loss… and I think we are all experiencing a collective loss of the world we knew.

If you experienced trauma, tragic, and/or historical moments such as war, economic crises, or the most recent and the most unforgettable for me, 9/11, the whole world as we knew it changed drastically over night.

After all this is over and our life returns back to “normal” we will say things like “Remember when we used to shake hands”, “Remember when we used to greet others with a hug”, “Remember when the grocery store shelves were empty”, I could go on with these “Remember whens”

I realized that I am grieving the loss of the life I knew, the loss of the life we knew and were accustomed to before this pandemic.

I went to bed last night weeping. I woke up this morning and cried. I wept listening to a podcast during my morning workout in a park…

This is grief… and I was in denial and now I’m angry and very unhappy… well miserable.

I do have hope that we will come out of this and look back at this time and those memorable moments, good ones and bad ones, we had with those closest to us in isolation. However, I am fearful because of the unknown, because of what life will look like when we return back to “normal”… because I know our lives will be incredibly different… we will need to get accustomed to a new “normal”.

To me grief, doesn’t mean someone has to die… it means the death of something. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, the loss of a job…

Right now we are living a collective loss of the world we all lived in before the pandemic; and we didn’t know what we had until it was gone. I know we are all trying to figure this out; whether it’s by being emotional or by virtually holding onto one another, trying to navigate through it all… and you know what? It’s hard and it sucks… right?

We have an obligation to feel these feelings, to feel this grief.

It’s ok to cry over the loss of it all… the loss of physical connection, the loss of routine, the loss of going to work/school, the loss of physical touch, the loss of gathering for meals, the loss of gathering for celebrations, the loss of gathering for worship…

We don’t have the time to count all the losses we are feeling right now because there are so many… and we have an obligation to name this as a loss in order to feel it, in order to navigate this… and we cannot compare our losses because the worst loss is always our loss.

We need to take care of each other because we are all going through grief. We need to go through this together, not by telling each other what to do, but by witnessing each other’s grief, by simply being present. By listening. By showing support. We need to be each other’s keepers.

When I realized that I cannot fix this whole situation we’re in (I know… how optimistically unrealistic that was), I realized I needed to start acknowledging and feeling my grief because there is NO WAY TO FIX THIS. The only way I know how to do this is by setting intentions.

I updated The Nourished Nook with a new IG Story Template about “setting intentions“. Click here to access the new, free template.

Something that has helped me acknowledge and navigate my feelings within the last couple of days has been listening to podcasts. I updated the “Online Resources” section of The Nourished Nook” with the podcasts I’m listening to right now to help me through this all. Click here to access the podcasts.

Although I’m not feeling my best, I know that I am not alone. So thank you for being there. Thank you for coming to The Nourished Nook. Thank you for showing me comfort at this time.

I cannot wait to continue meeting you here in this virtual space until we can all connect with each other in person again.

Until then, free to connect with me by CLICKING HERE or leave a comment below so I can upload new tools and resources that will interest and serve you best.

Yours in grief,


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