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The Nourished Nook is LIVE!

Hello Nourished Ones and Welcome to “The Nourished Nook”!

I am soooo excited to share this digital space with you!

Over the past couple of weeks, like all of you, I have been trying to navigate my feelings around everything that’s going on. So in true nourishing fashion I decided to do something about it.

I decided to create and share resources on how to navigate feelings (because it isn’t possible to be positive 100% of the time, am I right?), how to stay productive, and how to maintain health during these times of chaos and stress.

The ONLY way to do this is through support and community. We thrive off of relationships, and although we cannot currently get-together physically, we can easily connect with one another digitally!

First thing’s first, here are 2 Motivational Instagram Story Templates that you can use to spread the positivity, mindfulness, and health on this glorious Self-Care Sunday.

“The Nourished Nook” will always be changing, as it is a living space, so be sure to check it regularly to access all the nourishing content.

Feel free to connect with me by CLICKING HERE or by leaving a comment at the end of this post so I can upload new resources to “The Nourished Nook” that will interest and serve you best.

Looking forward to connecting with you at “The Nourished Nook”!

Yours in nourishment,


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