Part 1: 3 Healthy Travel Hacks

Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.

Bronnie Ware

I recently started a new initiative on my Instagram page called Healthy Food Hacks. These Health Hacks are are saved in my IG Story Highlights .

My new initiative, Healthy Food Hacks on my Instagram Story Highlights.

Since I have been travelling for 5 months now (I can’t believe how times “flies”, no pun intended) I wanted to share more Health Hacks that I’ve learned along the way that don’t necessarily relate to food. The following tips are what have worked for me to keep me healthy and energized while travelling. However, these strategies and tools can be transferable to every day situations while you’re not travelling. I truly hope you all can benefit from these easy and realistic Health Hacks!

First things first… I love backpacking as a form of travel because you are constantly on the move (YAY to minimal baggage!) meeting inspiring people, seeing magical places, and tasting so much wonderful food. But in all honesty, it can also be incredibly tiresome. Being on the move day after day can put you in a state where you feel like you’re compromising your health and your energy.

The good thing is that there are simple, realistic ways you can stay healthy while travelling so you can live in the moment and enjoy all the wonders this world has to offer.

Here are my 3 Health Travel Hacks that will help you:

  1. Keep your immune system strong
  2. Prioritize sleep, even when on busy, noisy transport
  3. Stay Hydrated

Below are some tools I use to help me in the 3 areas mentioned above:

1. Keep your immune system strong: Propolis Spray

Let me just say this bluntly: being sick while travelling sucks. Period.

So my #1 defence against illness is Propolis Spray. It’s also my favourite sore throat remedy in the event I fall ill.

Propolis is a throat spray made out of Bee Propolis (what bees use to build their hives and to protect against invaders). It is known as a “Bodyguard in a Bottle” because it fights against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Propolis also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe sore throats and as well as heal skin burns/irritations.

Before I get onto a plane, bus, or train (lots of germs on public transport people!) I spray propolis on the back of my throat as a preventative measure. If I have a sore throat I use 2-3 sprays of propolis at the back of my throat, which soothes and numbs my throat so I can get on with my travels. It’s honestly been a lifesaver while travelling but also a great remedy to prevent illness. I have also used it at home when I’m not travelling, especially during flu season. As a teacher, there are so many people and germs in my classroom and school, that this has been my number one defence to not get sick during the school year.

I love Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis but I have also used Organika’s Propolis in the past. They both work miracles as both a preventative health supplement and as a remedy when you do get that itch at the back of your throat.

Bodyguard in a Bottle.

2. Prioritize sleep: Multipurpose Scarf

I never thought my BUFF scarf could be so useful!

As you can see I have used it as a mask while driving a motorcycle, as a headband to keep hair and sweat out of my eyes while hiking, and as a scarf to cover my neck in windy weather conditions.

But the most USEFUL way to use this scarf has been as an eye mask (picture not included because I was, well, sleeping LOL).

Simply put the scarf around your head and on top of your eyes by folding it a few times and you have the best eye mask ever. I found that a little pressure/weight was applied to my eyes, since it is a scarf/headband, which gave me a similar sensation as my yoga pillow.

I found that using my BUFF as an eye mask gave the perfect amount of acupressure to help me fall asleep on noisy planes, buses, and trains. This pressure also helped release tension from my forehead and temples, which facilitates whole body relaxation.

Not only did I use this BUFF to help me sleep, I also used it to keep cool, protect against the sun’s rays, and to repel bugs. The UV protection helps protect against harmful UV rays and the Insect Shield in my BUFF uses odourless insect repellant that protects against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, and more! It’s honestly the most versatile travel accessory, and not to mention has numerous health and wellness benefits. Whether you’re trying to sleep while travelling, or you’re going on an afternoon run, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this BUFF will serve you well.

My BUFF, my favourite and most versatile travel accessory.

3. Stay Hydrated: Reusable Water Bottle

Have you ever arrived at an airport so excited to get on your flight and head to your much dreamed about destination, only to find out that your flight has been delayed or cancelled?

Yeah, me too and it’s frustrating.

I think we have all experienced delayed flights, trains, and buses and it can be exhausting waiting around for your mode of transport. The thing about travel days are you just never know how they’re going to go, so you MUST prepare.

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👌 This is something I say often and have used as a hashtag in my stories several times… 🍎 … especially in regards to health and fitness. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If we don’t have a clear plan how will we ever reach our goals? 🙅🏻‍♀️ Simple. We won’t. We’ll start to make excuses and live a life as a victim and have a scarcity mindset. 😫 We will start to complain and blame anything and everything for not being able to reach our goals and who wants to be around such a negative person? 👎 Not me! ☝️ The first step is to believe that you can reach your goals. 💯 The second step to reaching your goals is to take ownership. 🙌 The third step is to consistently put in the work by making a plan. 💁🏻‍♀️ Some ways that I have maintained my health and fitness goals while travelling for 3 months include: 1️⃣ Exercising consistently using my skipping ropes and bands or finding affordable gyms in new cities. #healthiswealth so I don’t mind spending 💰 on a day pass at a gym. 2️⃣ Having healthy snacks and water on hand during long sightseeing/travel days. No sugar added dried fruits, unsalted roasted nuts, and fresh fruits (apples, oranges, & bananas because they pack well), and hard boiled eggs have been my go-to snacks and staying hydrated helps with fatigue and overall health. 3️⃣ Getting enough sleep and taking a day off from all the touristy things is so important. By taking time to be a true traveller and vagabond by sleeping in, wandering random streets, and hanging out at cafés or parks to journal/people watch is important for the body, mind, and soul as it helps prevent illness and fatigue. 💖 Consistently having a plan to work towards my goals nourishes my mind, body, and soul. 💁🏻‍♀️ Do you have a plan to reach your goals? … .. . #benjaminfranklinquote #selfcare #wellness #quoteoftheday #travelvietnam #newyearnewgoals #failtoplanplantofail #workonyourgoals #haveaplan #consistency #thenourishedone #nourishedones #dailynourishment #nourished #intheno #simplynourished #thenewhealthy #healthyliving #travelhealthy #healthandwellness #healthandwellnessblogger #nourishing #wellness #travelforthesoul #travelislife #borntotravel #qotd #backpacking #backpackers

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I truly believe that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail, so listen up to this simple Health Hack, which we can also transfer to our daily life: stay hydrated.

Simple right?

First you need a reusable water bottle. Fill it up before you leave your house and aim to drink one full bottle before you reach your mode of transport, then refill it again after you go through your security check. You will see that there’s no excuse to drinking more water if you have a water bottle beside you at all times.

I know we have all heard about the benefits of drinking water, but most of us don’t drink enough, especially while travelling. When we’re in transit, we have so many things on our mind, “Did we forget anything?”, “Are all my kids here?”, “I’m so anxious for this flight!” etc. It can be stressful and scary, but the best thing you can do, especially when flying is to drink more water.

It is suggested that you drink 250ml of water every hour you’re in the air, or more if you’re drinking alcohol on a flight. In this article, Dr. Goldman explains that “Airplane cabins have very low humidity levels… because about 50 percent of the air circulating in the cabin is pulled from the outside, and at high altitudes the air is almost completely devoid of moisture.”

The benefits of staying hydrated while travelling include:

  • Skin staying hydrated and fresh
  • Less bloating
  • Regular Bowel Movements (flushing away of body toxins and waste)
  • Forms saliva and mucus so less chance of getting a nosebleed on a flight
  • Keeps you satiated = less mindless snacking
  • Regulates body temperature

My favourite water bottle to bring with me while travelling is my Contigo stainless steel 24oz water bottle. I love it because it keeps my water cold for over 24 hours (which is especially beneficial on long hikes/travel days), it has a cap that covers the spout to keep out germs, and is durable and dishwasher safe (you couldn’t guess the number of times I’ve dropped this bottle and it still functions normally). I also love brining a reusable water bottle anywhere I go because it’s environmentally friendly. Especially in countries such as Thailand, where people use on average 8 plastic bags per person, per day, bringing your own reusable water bottle instead of contributing to plastic waste, will make you an eco-traveller.

My favourite water bottle.

I hope you have enjoyed learning all about these 3 Healthy Travel Hacks. It is my hope that simple, realistic tips, strategies, and tools can help you live a healthier life on the go.

Let me know when you use any of these Health Hacks while travelling or in your every day life by tagging me on Instagram and by using the hashtag #intheNO. While you’re on my IG Page don’t forget to check out my other Healthy Food Hacks in my story highlights.

As always, I look forward to feedback. Do you want more Health Hacks? Do you want to know more about the health and wellness products I use? Do you want more travel content? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours in Healthy Travel,


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