Single Serve Pasta Salad

If chickpeas can be pasta, you can be ANYTHING!

Rachele La Neve, @thenourishedone

My name is Rachele and I LOVE summer!

Being half-way across the world in Australia during this hot summer has me craving all my favourite summer dishes. If creamy pasta salad doesn’t remind you of summer and BBQ season, I don’t know what will.

I am have some Italian blood in my veins so pasta has been a staple in my household since, well, FOREVER! I absolutely love pasta in any shape or form, hot or cold, as a side-dish or as a meal… I mean how can you discriminate against something so delicious?

With the rise of alternative foods finding pasta for a variety of lifestyle and dietary needs couldn’t be easier. There are so many types of pasta to choose from out there so for this recipe I chose Chickpea Pasta because:

  1. It is high in protein.
  2. It is gluten free (for those who are gluten intolerant or just not eating gluten right now).
  3. It stays al dente (firm to the bite) and holds it shape when served hot or cold.

I love the taste and texture of Chickpea Pasta because it reminds me of the traditional kind. I totally recommend that you try it if you haven’t or if it’s not your think substitute the pasta of your choice.

This recipe also uses one of my favourite and versatile condiments that I always have in my fridge: Mayonnaise! In this recipe I use my 5-Ingredient Avocado Mayo, but feel free to substitute the mayo of your choice. When I can’t make my own avo mayo, I buy one of these brands because they have simple ingredients (no funny oils or sugars) and they ACTUALLY taste like mayo:

Here’s my Single Serve Pasta Salad recipe. The reason I love this recipe is because it’s a quick meal to make when you’re in a hurry and stores well if you’re meal prepping. It’s such a great lunch to meal prep because there’s virtually NO CLEAN UP involved. You literally throw all the ingredients in the container you will store it in (I prefer a glass container with a tight fitting lid) and stir all the ingredients together directly into the container. No clean up? COUNT. ME. IN!


Click the recipe above to instatly get this FREE recipe card.

I hope you enjoy making this Single Serve Pasta Salad! Remember, you can ALWAYS make ANY of my recipes your own by adding or substituting the vegetables of your choice. This recipe is so versatile so use whatever you have lying around in the fridge. A great addition for all the pescatarians or carnivores out there would be to add a hard boiled egg, tuna, or cooked chicken to this pasta salad.

Let me know when you make this recipe by tagging me on Instagram and use the hashtag #intheNO. While you’re on my IG Page don’t forget to check out my Recipes Highlights to see many other healthy recipes.

As always, I look forward to feedback. What did you want more or less of? Do you want more healthy recipes? Do you want more pasta recipes? More recipes that use 10 ingredients or less? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours in loving pasta,


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