One Pot Turkey Chilli

The best thing about one pot meals is the clean up, because there’s hardly any.

Rachele La Neve, @thenourishedone

I live for one pot meals.


They are simple.

They are delicious.

They are meal-prep friendly.

However, the BEST thing about one pot meals is the clean up, because there’s hardly any.

Although I love cooking and baking I absolutely LOATHE cleaning up.

You feel me?


Then you’ll adore this One Pot Turkey Chilli recipe.

This recipe includes minimal ingredients but has…




I love making this pot of chilli because it lasts FOREVER… well not really forever, but a least for a couple of meals. This chilli is great for meal-prep because it gets better with time and all the flavours are enhanced as you leave the chilli overnight in the fridge. YAY for leftover lunches!

I also love this recipe because it’s literally a compost of whatever vegetables you have on hand. So feel free to substitute the green beans, mushrooms, and sweet potato for whatever veggies you like or whatever veggies you have on hand. Carrots, beans, corn, celery, and spinach would work well here too.

Besides being simple to make and so versatile I love this recipe because of the turkey. Turkey is lean, high in protein, and picks up the flavour of whatever you season it with. So feel free to go wild with your seasonings too. I love adding LOTS of cumin for this reason and to give my chilli more of a Mexican flare. I truly believe in the power of good quality spices to enhance any dish. Some of my favourite cumin spice brands include:

Here’s my One Pot Turkey Chilli Recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

one pot turkey chilli

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I hope you enjoy making this One Pot Turkey Chilli! Remember, you can ALWAYS make ANY of my recipes your own by adding or substituting the vegetables and spices of your choice.

Let me know when you make this recipe by tagging me on Instagram and use the hashtag #intheNO. While you’re on my IG Page don’t forget to check out my Recipes Highlights to see many other healthy recipes.

As always, I look forward to feedback. What did you want more or less of? Do you want more healthy recipes? Do you want more one pot recipes? More recipes that use 10 ingredients or less? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours in one pot wonders,


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