5-Ingredient Avocado Mayo

If almonds can be flour and avocados can be mayo, you can be ANYTHING!

Rachele La Neve, @thenourishedone

My name is Rachele and I love avocados!

So what does macaroni salad, elote, and lobster rolls have in common?


Mayo is one of my favourite condiments because it can be used in a variety of dishes and in recipes of varying international cuisines from Mexican Street Corn (elote) to an everyday sandwich lunch. I always have mayo on hand for this reason and is a household staple. When I discovered how to make my own, I could not go back to buying the store-bought variety because:

  1. There are usually unnecessary and bizarre ingredients in traditional mayo (i.e. calcium disodium edta (what is that?!) and natural flavours (what kind? where do they come from?).
  2. It’s EASY to make your own as it ONLY requires 5-ingredients to make a healthier mayo that can fit into a variety of lifestyles/dietary needs (i.e. Keto, Paleo, Whole30, etc.).
  3. It contains half the calories of traditional mayo and is healthier since avocados are half rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to increase memory, fight against inflammation, and slow the development of plaque in the arteries (i.e. lower the levels of cardiovascular disease).

Here’s my go-to recipe for avocado mayo. The reason I love this recipe the most is not because of the ingredients or health benefits but because there’s virtually NO PREPARATION and NO CLEAN UP involved. You literally throw all the ingredients in the container you will store the mayo in (I prefer a glass mason jar with a tight fitting lid) and emulsify with a hand blender or whip with a whisk. THAT’S IT! Using an emulsifier makes things way easier. I got mine on amazon for $20 and it was money well spent. Not only can you use this hand blender to whip up mayo, you can use it to whip cream/coconut cream to make a whipped topping or even use it in a large pot to purée soup. It’s such a versatile tool!

I hope you enjoy emulsifying while making my simple 5-Ingredient Avo Mayo!

5-Ingredient avocado mayo

Click on the recipe card above to get your FREE copy!

I hope you enjoy making this Avocado Mayo recipe and that your enjoy adding it to your sandwiches and salads. Stay tuned for a cold pasta salad recipe that I’ll be posting that uses this avocado mayo recipe.

Let me know when you make this recipe by tagging me on Instagram and use the hashtag #intheNO. While you’re on my IG Page don’t forget to check out my Recipes Highlights to see many other healthy recipes.

As always, I look forward to feedback. What did you want more or less of? Do you want more healthy recipes? Do you want more avocado recipes? More recipes that use 10 ingredients or less? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours in loving mayo,


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