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Establishing a New Routine: My New Morning Ritual

Waking up a bit earlier, creating a little more time to breathe, move and hopefully get outside before you begin your day can be a game changer and massively boost your mood.

RICHIE NORTON, “The strength temple”

I’ve been travelling around South East Asia for over a month and I cannot believe time has passed by this quickly! It has been the dream of my life to go on this journey of self-discovery and adventure and I am feeling so blessed that I get the opportunity to make my dreams a reality. Although, I’m having the time of my life and I am learning a lot, there have been many difficult moments especially in the area of health and wellness.

If you have been following my journey on Instagram this year, you will know that I have been focusing on my fitness and mental health. To me, this means “Showing Up” daily by incorporating both health and wellness practices to live an abundant life. You can read more about my “Showing Up” philosophy and lifestyle by clicking here. Showing Up has been so hard for me to do while travelling to a new location every 2 to 6 days because it has been difficult to set a routine to keep me accountable and motivated. As a result, I have been feeling really down about my health and wellness progress, or lack thereof. Something needs to change…

… so I decided to start a new morning routine on my travels.


We all know that establishing new routines is extremely difficult because it requires us to rewire our brains. Almost all of our daily actions are automatic, like waking up and making a pot of coffee, or brushing our teeth. It’s like our brain is on autopilot all the time because that’s the way it conserves energy. Whether we like it or not, our habits shape us, and thus, we need to ditch our bad routines, what we normally call “bad habits” and establish more sustainable routines that help us feel healthy, happy, and strong. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel their best? I know I do!

I have decided to establish a new, realistic morning routine that I can do as soon as I wake up. My new routine includes doing 15 minutes of stretching/yoga along with taking 3 deep breaths on a daily basis in order to feel energized to reach my goals and to feel more connected to myself.

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🧘🏻‍♀️ I’m still reminiscing about my time at @wonderland_healing_center and the amazing Yoga and Meditation Retreat I completed. 🤔 This has me thinking that I’m living too much in the past and I need to move forward… 🙌 What better way to live in the present moment than to start a new goal! 🧘🏻‍♀️ Inspired by the @richienorton_ I’ve decided to start a daily stretching/yoga and breathing practice to feel more connected to myself. 🌬 I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with movement and breathing to remind myself of the gift of being alive another day. ✨ Here are some exercises I’m planning to incorporate in my new morning ritual: – Hurdlers – Downward Dog – Piriformis Stretch – Cat/Cow – Pigeon – Cobra – Tricep Stretch – Butterfly Stretch – Shoulder Squeeze – Seated Neck Release – Standing Quad Stretch 🏋🏻‍♀️ My trainer @notadietbutalifestyle at @lux_fit suggests holding stretches for 1 min or longer (I know, a long time…) in order to feel a release. 🤪 If the stretch feels uncomfortable continue to hold it and see how resilient you are… 🤕 If the stretch hurts, stop and try a little longer another day or try foam rolling, light cardio, taking a hot shower, or go in a steam room/sauna prior to stretching to warm up the muscles. 💖 Starting the day off with some movement and deep breathing nourishes my mind, body, and soul. 💁🏻‍♀️ How do you start your day? … .. . #thenourishedone #intheno #nourishedones #abworkout #stretching #yoga #newgoal #deepbreathing #justbreathe #meditation #travelworkout #travelexercises #keepactive #workoutforthebody #travelforthesoul #exerciseforthemind #notadietbutalifestyle #dailydoseofmovement #dailyinspiration #dailynourishment #livewell #routine #consistency #consistencyiskey #exerciseroutine #morningstretch #lifeisagify #backpackers #backpacking #exerciseroutine

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My new morning routine.


1. Is it intentional?

When establishing a new routine I always begin with an intention. I ask myself: What’s the purpose for my routine? In my case, stretching and moving first thing in the morning helps me feel more energized to conquer the day and deep breathing helps me feel grateful. It reminds me that I have another day of breath and life.

Some questions that may help you with creating an intentional routine: What’s the reason behind your routine? Is your routine just a fad? Does it reflect your true intentions? Will your routine really help you reach your goals? What will your routine help you accomplish/feel?

2. Is it realistic?

After I establish an intent for my new routine I then start asking myself if my new regimen is realistic and longterm. I can totally commit to stretching/doing yoga for 15 minutes a day and taking 3 deep breaths. I know I can do more breathing/meditation if time permits. But 15 minutes is all I can commit to right now.

Some questions that may help you with creating a realistic and longterm routine: Is your routine realistic? Can you see yourself doing your routine daily, weekly, or monthly depending on what you committed to yourself? Can you truly commit to the time you allotted? Do you see yourself doing your regimen on a daily basis?

3. Is it measurable?

After I create an intentional and realistic routine I then see how I can measure my progress towards my initial intent. I usually do “check-ins” every month or so. It has been said many times that making a change takes about 21 days, so I feel like one month is a good time to reassess my routine to see if I need to make some adjustments.

For my new routine, I can measure how stretching makes me feel by seeing if my energy increases after one month of consistent, daily morning stretching. I can also measure my progress physically; did I become more limber and fluid in my movements? In addition, I can assess how I feel after I breathe: do I feel more grounded, relaxed, and connected after my breath-work?

Some questions that may help you with measuring your routine: Will you be able to track your progress? How will you do so? Is one month enough time to measure you progress? Or do you need more time?


I was inspired by Richie Norton, The Strength Temple, to establish this new goal. Richie Norton teaches that being mindful through breath-work and movement can change your life for the better, because for him, mindful practices and exercise actually saved his life. You can learn more about Norton’s life, philosophy and see his workouts by clicking here.

I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with movement and breathing to remind myself of the gift of being alive another day. I will keep you updated on the progress of my new morning routine, because I know at first it will be hard to get into. But with your help, I know I can stay accountable!

As always, I would love to connect with you. Do you have a morning routine that gets you energized for the day? What do you find difficult about sticking with routines and healthy habits? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram using the hashtag #intheno. I hope you check out my Instagram Stories to see how I’m doing with my new routine and to accompany me on my travel, health, and wellness adventures.

I hope this post helps you establish realistic, intentional, and measurable routines that allows you to be the best version of yourself in order to conquer your dreams.

Yours in establishing routines,


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