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Showing Up (Health and Wellness)

My mantra all day every day.

Hey Nourished Ones! Did you Show Up today?

Showing Up means connecting with myself by pushing my body, listening to my mind, and nurturing my soul.  To me Showing Up can be done in a variety of ways. 

I originally had “Wellness” as another page on this website but when I started to reflect about what Showing Up actually means to me, I realized that wellness cannot exist without a healthy lifestyle. I believe that Showing Up incorporates both health and wellness practices on a daily basis to live an abundant life.

My top 3 ways to Show Up include: Exercise, Podcasts, and Reflection.

  • Exercise:
    • Anything that makes me break a sweat. Getting in a daily dose of movement is a part of my daily routine. It not only makes me feel energized but it also puts me in a good mood and reminds me that I am stronger and more resilient than my mind allows me to believe.
    • My 5 favourite ways to move are:
      • Weightlifting
      • Resistance band training
      • Hiking
      • Running
      • Yoga

Below is a Leg Circuit comprised of 3 exercises that you can do anywhere with resistance bands to really feel that burn:

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🙌 You asked for it so here it is! 🦵 Here are 3 of my go-to leg exercises using resistance bands. ✈️ Since I’ll be backpacking for quite some time without access to a gym and weights, I find resistance bands to be a great tool to really feel the burn when body weight just doesn’t cut it. 👍 Benefits of resistance bands include: helping to focus on control of the movement (go slow esp on the negative), stabilize muscles, alternative to using machines, and they pack light. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Resistance bands are not a replacement for weight training in my opinion, but for my circumstances right now they’ll have to do. 🙌 Like my trainer @notadietbutalifestyle always says “it’s a lifestyle” and consistency is key. ⏰ It has taken me years to establish, enjoy, and see results with an exercise routine so I can’t see my life without some daily dose of movement even while travelling. 💪 Leg Circuit (5 sets, 45 sec rest in between): 15 squats 15 deadlifts 15 standing kick backs (each leg) 💖 Exercising while travelling nourishes my mind, body, and soul. 💁🏻‍♀️ Do you keep active when you travel? … .. . #thenourishedone #nourishedones #resistancebandsworkout #resistancebands #resistancetraining #travelexercises #legcircuit #workoutforthebody #travelforthesoul #exerciseforthemind #notadietbutalifestyle #dailydoseofmovement #getyourheartrateup #dailyinspiration #dailynourishment #livewell #eatwell #routine #consistency #consistencyiskey #exerciseroutine

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Jim Kwik’s “Kwik Brain” Podcast: Teaches you HOW to learn so you can work your brain to reach your full potential.
  • Reflection
    • Any action that allows me to reflect on how I’m feeling and to check-in with my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As humans in this digital and increasingly fast-paced world, we rarely have time to cook our own meals let alone to breathe deeply, and ask ourselves questions. Making time to reflect on my well-being and purpose allows my goals to stay at the forefront of my daily tasks and work towards them. 
A sample page from The Five Minute Journal.

Just like any new task, Showing Up needs to be done consistently. I don’t do all of these actions in one day, let alone in one week or even in one month. I choose a few things to focus on that really help me feel my best and then change things up once in a while. Every day I do some type of movement, I journal, and I take at least 10 super deep breaths. Everything else is a bonus and a treat for me because I have to be mindful of making time for it and to schedule it in.

Whatever Showing Up means to you I can attest that incorporating these practices into my life has changed it for the better. I have learned that no one can nourish your mind, body, and soul but you. I encourage you to pick some of these techniques, to schedule it in daily to create a routine in order to live a nourished life.

As always, I look forward to feedback so please feel free to connect with me. What did you want more or less of? Or simply let me know how you Showed Up today using the hashtag #intheno so I can find you.

Yours in Showing Up,


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